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It’s almost time….

Sexy, flirty hero that’s also a single dad? We got it.

Girl next door, heroine with skeletons tap dancing in her closet? We’ve got that too.

Enough sizzle and spice to make her forget all about her heartbreak? Oh yeah. Keep scrolling past the cover for an exclusive excerpt!

“Wow.” The word tumbled from my lips before my body had time to register how damn good he looked.

Aiden wore his dark hair tied at the base of his neck. His sharp cheekbones were model perfect. The dimple in his cheek when wide, sculpted lips curved in a smile, sent me into a spiral of va-va-voom.

I stood there, dumbstruck.

“I thought since I’d asked you to wear a dress, I should return the favor.” He wore a crisp white shirt, unbuttoned at the collar with the sleeves rolled up on his forearms, and clean, faded jeans with a pair of black Vans. So handsome, he took my breath away.

“I never pegged you for a skater.” I stepped out of the door, my strappy sandals clicking with each footfall.

His laugh came as easy as the fingers that wrapped around my hand. “A guy can’t give away all his secrets.”

“Really? You can skateboard?” I’d never seen him do anything other than drive.

“Yeah. Vic, too.” Pleasant surprise was becoming an old friend where Aiden was concerned. He fell with ease into the rhythm of conversation. With Aiden, things that should have been awkward—weren’t.

“We didn’t always drive. Except for maybe Jordan. Old Man always let him drive around in that old truck.”

They all referred to Jordan’s grandfather as “Old Man,” even Aiden’s sisters. Jordan had restored the old Chevy truck and made it like new again.

“You loved him.” The affection for Jordan’s grandfather written plainly on Aiden’s face.

“Jordan or his grandfather?” He lifted a shoulder. “Both, I guess. Jordan is my brother, from different parents. The Old Man was just…awesome.”

“I think it’s nice.” If I searched the recesses of my mind, I could almost grasp the familial bond. Then poof, another light in my life snuffed out far too soon. Each time I was with Aiden, I trudged up things long since buried.

Yet, being with him made me happier than I could ever remember.

“Now, close your eyes.” The rumbling timbre of his voice lulled me into doing just that.

Praise for Two Hearts, One Stone:

“…A solid read with enjoyable characters, a great plot and some steamy romance to keep you eagerly turning the pages I found this to be a great read.” Long and Short Reviews

Available in Nook and Kindle!

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