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I haven’t blogged in forever, which means I should probably get on the ball with that and do so more often. I sat in on an agent panel this past weekend and that’s one of the things they said we should do to increase our online presence.

So, look at me, online presence strengthening!

Also, it means I’ve been stupid busy. Like, so much so some days I forget to eat or brush my hair. All of this, to write all the books. Which I’m cranking out. Last month my first cowboy novella was released Two Hearts, One Stone which you can purchase here. And Arkadia Fast Book Two should release soon (I’m hoping before Christmas!).

That new release, though, has me thinking a lot about how I got my start writing romance and what I can do to help other writers like me (if you’re newer than I am, or if you think I can help you in anyway, please reach out and I’ll be happy to help). You see this month (last weekend, to be exact) I went to my first writer’s conference which happens to be the first writer’s conference the lady I’m about to talk about went to—more than twenty years ago. It was sort of cool to find that out. I can only hope that my career path from this point forward is that successful.

Let’s go back though, to the early 2000s when this lowly author was just graduating high school and being suckered into being maid of honor at a wedding in a barbecue restaurant. No y’all, I cannot make this up. I’d always been a writer and a huge reader. In truth, I’d have rather been reading a book then standing in front of all those people in a dress. My friend, the bride, informs me that the groom’s mom is an author. In inquire her name and nearly drop my southern maid of honor bouquet.

I’d read some of her books, y’all. I knew her. And there she was, looking lovely as can be. She was gracious, she was kind, and she didn’t call the cops on me when I fangirled all over her (maybe I didn’t totally fan girl, but I probably did).

Over the next almost two decades she’s suffered my relentless emails and texts, talked me into joining Romance Writer’s of America, and been my sounding board anytime I feel like I’m in too deep and can’t breathe. Let me be very clear… she has no reason to do any of those things. Yet, she has. Right down to reading my first contract because I had no idea what any of that mess meant.

It’s very rare to find someone who cares enough, to help. But that’s what romance writers do, we support each other. And without Linda Winstead Jones’ unwavering kindness and generosity I would have never finished a book.

For that, I could never repay her.

I can however, write mushy blog posts and in keeping with my cowboy theme give away an autographed copy of her novel Sullivan and a super cool novel sleeve. All you have to do to be entered to win is join my newsletter. I promise, I don’t spam. In truth, I probably send out just as many newsletters as I write blog posts—so you’re safe. Except when I have sales and things to give away!

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~ Leslie

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