Don’t TELL Me That

Don’t TELL me that! An interactive workshop that will teach you to break down the wall of the dreaded manuscript telling and show your readers a whole new world.

This workshop is an incredibly immersive and interactive workshop for beginning and intermediate writers. You are encouraged to participate, but if you only wish to observe, try to read more than just the lesson posts. The posts from your fellow workshop participants and the instructors comments on these posts will contain valuable information. The instructor will be commenting on and critiquing all homework assigned, as well as participating in class discussions, and Q&A.

Over this four week course, you will learn the four largest instances that the instructor has seen unpublished writers struggle with. As well as how to post them in your writing and efficient ways of removing the tells. From the elimination of telling verbs and named emotions you’ll learn to paint a vivid picture that your reader can see. With learning to limit your backstory, clearing out stage direction, and finding those dreaded head hops, you’ll draw your readers deeper into your story.

Week One: Telling Verbs (commonly called Red Flag words)

Week Two: Named Emotions

Week Three: Info Dumping and Backstory Limiting

Week Four: Stage Direction and Head Hopping