Holiday Updates ….

This time last year I was sitting in front of my Christmas tree, gazing at its twinkling glory while impatiently waiting for the publishing holiday to end so I could submit The Finish Line. Never would I have guessed that a year later I’d be sitting in the same spot on release week for the first novel I ever submitted.

The first novel.

I ever.


I keep pinching myself and it keeps hurting, so I’m going out on an ornament adorned limb and saying that this isn’t a dream. This is real. I am a published author. It’s both terrifying and amazing. From constantly refreshing my sales ranking on Amazon to checking Goodreads to see how many people have added my novel (not many).  I can’t stop myself from constantly validating my new reality.

Every so often I sit back and savor the moment, though said moment doesn’t seem to hover anywhere near the realm of possibility. Yet, here we are! Maybe I’ll smack myself with the copies of The Finish Line that should be delivered to my home in the next few days. Presents for my parents, ssh don’t tell them.

Now, from my contemplations about my incredible good fortune as I sit beside my festively lit spruce to the happenings (aside from release week) in my world. If this week was the very first time you’ve ever heard from me: ~waves~ Hi! I’m new here, my name is Leslie and I write romance novels. Novels. More than one. Eventually. I promise.

The Wild Rose Press has contracted Book 2 of the Arkadia Fast Series (The Finish Line is Book 1). It’s titled Hot Lap and is currently with my editor.  I’m hoping to have it released this spring.  For those who have read The Finish Line, any guesses as to who our POV heroine is for this one?

Book 3 of the Arkadia Fast Series has a title, but I don’t want to spoil the fun just yet. I’m in first draft stages with it, but sailing past the 50,000 word mark. I should have the draft finished and revisions start in January and hopefully have it submitted by the time Hot Lap is released.

Book 4 of the Arkadia Fast Series doesn’t have a title yet, but it does have a hero and a POV heroine. When I take a break from Book 3, I’m plotting Book 4.

I have contracted (with The Wild Rose Press) a Western Romance novella (so it’s not Western per say as it takes place in Georgia, but it is a Cowboy Romance) for their Boots and Babies series titled Two Hearts, One Stone. I’m working on first round edits from my editor and hope to release this bad boy (literally, Stone is firmly attached to Santa’s naughty list at the beginning of the story) in 2018.

So, if you found me, because of the first novel… never fear, more are coming!


Otherwise it’s Christmas shopping, teaser making (this is actually FUN, I’m even getting Photoshop for Christmas), writing (I have so many other writing things I could talk about, ermagawd), and math lesson planning. My kid tried to convince me that because it’s almost Christmas he shouldn’t have to do work. Co-op is out, etc, he should be too. I responded by planning prime/composite numbers and equivalent fraction lessons. Homeschool mom win. 😉


Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and many many blessings for a happy, healthy New Year!


~ Leslie

Christmas wishing card

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