My cowboy has a blurb!

I don’t have this long interesting blog post filled with helpful tips or advice, no book reviews, no amusing anecdotes about my family members. I apologize profusely for my failings.  In my defense, I’ve been eyeball deep in revisions for book three of Arkadia Fast. I’m excited to get this off to my editor, so I can work on book four (Hot Lap Book 2 will be out soon!).

I’m also starting a second Contemporary Western Romance novella. No lie. The first one Two Hearts, One Stone will be out by summer. I understand that Arkadia Fast is New Adult and I’m jumping genres a bit here but I think readers will love Stone and Emmy and their story.

I’m so confident in fact, I thought I’d drop by and release the back cover blurb for the novella!

Two Hearts, One Stone by Leslie Scott:

This adventure into Cole’s Hollow Georgia was a new experience for me and I’m incredibly proud of this little story. Hopefully I’ll have a cover to show off in the next few weeks!

Next week I’ll have a Write Tip Wednesday post about Creating Characters. If you’re a writer and would like to be included in that post with a buy link, shoot me an email ( and if you’re looking for a sexy, fast paced story with lots of emotion and cool cars check out my novel, The Finish Line available on Amazon

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    1. Thanks, Charlotte. And yeah, it’s overwhelming but I feel like if I stop…the ideas will stop.

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