Leslie Reads a Mystery

I’m working on two Write Tip Wednesday posts. Neither of which are ready yet. My bad. I have edits back for Two Hearts, One Stone and I’m trying to finish up Arkadia Fast Book 3 by April. One post is on Creating Characters (not to be confused with Character Arcs and Character Development) and the other is on Telling Verbs and Red Flag (as Janice Hardy would call them) Words. Hopefully I’ll have at least one of them up next week.

I’m also reading a novella by my fellow RWA Heart of Dixie Chapter sister, Allison Mullinax called Break the Line which will be my next “Leslie Reads” segment. <3

Up next, though, is my review of Susan Coryell’s new release A Murder of Principle.


My mom lives off of cozy mysteries. I spend her off days with her (at almost seventy she still works full time, because she’s that awesome) and she’s usually binge watching a cozy mystery on Netflix. ESPECIALLY a cozy from the BBC.

I write, she watches, and inevitably yells at me for accurately guessing the end (I’m a writer, what can I say?). In that, though, I find comfort. There’s something soothing in knowing that eventually a story will find a satisfying conclusion and more often than not the bad guy isn’t the murderer…but the victim.

While saying that, A Murder of Principle was the same to me. I almost heard the cozy soundtrack playing in the back of my head as I read it. It was coming home for me. If my mom read often, this would be the sort of novel I would recommend to her.

A glimpse into the lives of teachers. The good, the bad, and the Wendy Storme. Seriously, this lady was a train wreck and most of the time I wanted to slap her with the coffee bar from her office. It’s not a spoiler as, well, the cover is a dead give away (see what I did there?) but it says a lot about me that I found comfort knowing the principal was the victim from the very beginning.

Murder amongst a group of quirky and imaginative characters that I felt like I’d met once upon a time. Also, did I mention the mental soundtrack is perfect for the BBC?


To check out Susan Coryell visit her on Facebook or her website:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Susan-Coryell-Author-149075331807592/

Website: www.susancoryellauthor.com


To purchase A Murder of Principal:

print: http://a.co/cs2FwG8

Kindle: http://a.co/6HrbeRz

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