Leslie Reads Romance Issue #1

Write Tip Wednesday: No real write tip this week. I’ll be reviewing a novel that drops today, instead.

However, I had to discuss for a bit about the new software I purchased. I convinced myself to buy KM Weiland’s bundle special (a download of her novel outlining and a year of ProWritingAid for 65 bucks). Ermagawd… I’ll delve more into this with my next Write Tip Wednesday. But, I am in love with both. I can open an entire Scrivener project in ProWritingAid.

I’m doing a Craft Corner at my Heart of Dixie RWA meeting in a few weeks on KM Weiland’s Reverse Outlining Process—maybe I can merge that with a Wednesday blog post.

Between those and discovering I can drag-and-drop images into Scapple—I’m having entirely too much fun.

On Deck: I should have edits back for Two Hearts, One Stone in a few weeks. A little birdie told me my editor is starting on Hot Lap (the second book in my Arkadia Fast series).

Until then, I’m busying myself revising Arkadia Fast Book 3 and outlining three other novels. Three. Maybe a fourth. I just can’t shut my brain off. Hopefully, that’ll translate to more books you’ll love to read. <3


~Book Review~

Today is a Leslie Reads Romance day! I’m doing a Spring into Reading Facebook Party for Michelle C Reilly on Saturday (my slot is the 4pm PST/6pm CST). We’d love to have you join us!

Spring Into Reading!

It seems only fitting that it’s Michelle’s book I’ve been reading (and am now reviewing).

Savage Winds releases today!!! If you’re a historical romance fan or a time travel romance fan—this book is totally for you.

Let’s start with the cover:

I love the ship in the background. In truth, I love the way Kristian Norris does the backgrounds. Which is one of the reasons I constantly request she does all my covers for The Wild Rose Press. The Finish Line’s cover is a Kris Norris. I could go on and on about this cover and Kris’ work for another two to ten paragraphs—but I won’t. I’ll stop now and say simple…I love it.

Savage Winds starts out with a bang, literally, and keeps going from there. I was distinctly reminded of the epic, sweeping romances of years past. The very first romance I ever read was a Jennifer Blake historical that took me on an adventure. In today’s “hurry up and get to the good parts” world I’ve really missed the epic nature of these sorts of novels. Reilly has given that back to me with Savage Winds.

I can honestly say I have never read a romance written in this era. I was whisked on a journey through the War of 1812 and the Battle of New Orleans. I was introduced to Andrew Jackson in a way I’d never imagined him and oddly fell in love with the Pirate Jean Lafitte (okay y’all, I’m a sucker for an anti-hero, especially a real one). I’ve read time travel romances and in truth, never enjoyed them. But this—my homeschool loving heart was all about. Reilly did a great job taking me there and wrapping me up in the characters and their struggles.

Also… guess what subjects the Notorious KID will be looking up for American History next week?

Side Note: If you can work in a Harry Potter reference and dragons into your novel… I will verbally squee.

Ana and Jacen absolutely sizzle on the page. There were times I had to glance at Mr. Scott to see if he could tell how hot what I was reading really was. Rawr.

Their love story is one for the ages (get it, that’s a time travel joke). But , I thoroughly enjoyed this time traveling journey. I mean: hot sex, pirates, a sexy patriot, and real history? Sold. Go buy it.

You can find Michelle C Reilly on her  website.

On facebook.

On twitter @MichelleCReilly

On Instagram @michellecreilly

And on pinterest www.pinterest.com/michellecreilly/

You can purchase Savage Winds here:

Kindle/Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079HLPV9F

Print (on Wild Rose Press catalog): https://catalog.thewildrosepress.com/paperback-books/5712-savage-winds-paperback.html

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