Stuck in the Story Muck – How to plot your ideas into a story that works, using brainstorming and outlining.

We all have that one story idea (or in some cases, many ideas) that we just can’t seem to flesh out. Over the years I’ve developed a system of phone calls (we call them, plot calls), plot luck lunches with my local RWA chapter, and more notebooks of plots than I’ll ever live long enough to write. It’s my absolute favorite part of the creative writing process. That being said, this workshop is an extensive, interactive plot session where the goal is to finish with a path in mind to write your story Whether you’re a plotter or a pantser or have a new idea or the same one is haunting you, all are welcome here.

Week 1:  Mind Maps, Free Writing, List m=Making, and other various visual techniques. This week is fairly self-explanatory, we’re going old school to stimulate creativity and work out that story.

Week 2: The great abyss of What If?  During week two we use the What If method of questioning your story’s conflict and character’s motives to see where the story went off the rails.

Week 3: “It’s not you, it’s me.” Time to flesh out the main characters’ GMC to get the story all straightened out.

Week 4:  Back it up! Reverse Outlining and your plot, working in the opposite direction to make the story fit.