The Books

Praise for Hot Lap

This is a fast-paced read, filled with fast cars, hunky drivers, and strong-willed women. I couldn’t put it down for long. Well-written, and I’m already looking forward to the next installment! ~ Thrice Read Books

Praise for The Finish Line

“The Finish Line” is a fast-paced, energetic romance novel not for the faint of heart. This book makes mention of abuse, both physical and mental, but it does so in a way that is not overly descriptive. The chemistry between the two characters is sizzling hot, yet mostly held on the back-burner. Readers will take an emotional ride through the pages of this story while falling in love with not only the main characters, but the secondary characters as well. The entire novel focuses around the life of street car racers and their family atmosphere. Readers may be reluctant to choose this story if not interested in a racing storyline, but rest assured, it is well worth the time! The writing style as well as the pacing throughout the book makes this one incredible page-turner. The next book in the series will be released this summer.  ~ InD’Tale Magazine

Praise for Two Hearts, One Stone

“Two Hearts” is an enjoyable novel.  The main characters are well-constructed, if lacking in depth. The story would have been enhanced by allowing Stone and Emmersyn to be a little less perfect for one another, as there is little doubt in the reader’s mind that the two will end up together. A great strength of “Two Hearts” is Ms. Scott’s willingness to take Stone out of his comfort zone, using an original and creative turn of events that fits the flow of the story nicely.  More insight into his past would have added a little more flavor to his character and to the story arc. Ms. Scott has a nice light touch on her prose, easily creating an interesting storyline and grounding the reader in the sights, sounds and smells of the ranch. The author adds nuance to her story with inventive details that add fun and humor to the narrative.  A lovely book to read. ~ InD’Tale Magazine

A solid read with enjoyable characters, a great plot and some steamy romance to keep you eagerly turning the pages I found this to be a great read ~ L&S Reviews